The Bridge group tour Holbeck

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Members of The Bridge group for adults with learning disabilities have taken some photographs for the Looking Good Holbeck and Beeston project – and already have some of the photos on the wall of their Holbeck Community Centre base. A … Continue reading

Exploring the Beeston area…

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One day in August the other half and I headed out to explore the Beeston area a bit better, writes local resident Alison Neale. What we found was great parks with free sports courts, interesting buildings both old and new, … Continue reading

Holbeck’s got flower power!

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I’ve lived in Holbeck for more than 20 years and always found it a decent place to live, writes local resident Mark Rivers. The moor’s a good open space where children play happily, sports teams play their own ‘mini cup finals’ and, … Continue reading

Bramley Carnival

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Once a year thousands of people take part in Bramley Carnival – which starts as every self respecting Carnival should – in the street with a big noisy procession. Russ Dixon took his camera along to see this year’s celebration, … Continue reading

Beetle Drive, Beetle Drive, Beetle Drive

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The local police take fundraising very seriously… Throughout Holbeck & Beeston there are a number of community groups aiming to do everything from brighten up the local area with blooms to organise community events and galas. The community groups are … Continue reading

Dig in!

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 Here’s a lovely of image from Shafton Lane Allotments taken by David Foster for Urban Gardening Weekend in 2009, to give you a little inspiration. The Urban Gardening Weekend was organised by the Holbeck Urban Village marketing team with Holbeck in … Continue reading

Welcome to Looking Good Holbeck & Beeston

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 Welcome to Looking Good Holbeck & Beeston! This a new way for residents, businesses or the mildly curious to share their view of Holbeck & Beeston through photography and film. The subject doesn’t matter just the location. Maybe you’re interested … Continue reading

Mission Impossible: In the bath

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We invited Bramley resident Russ Dixon to take up a mission impossible challenge, in hostile territory – well, water and cameras are not ideal bedfellows… Could he capture some of the character of Bramley Baths in just 30 minutes, between … Continue reading

Bluebell bonus for woods walkers

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Members of the  Leeds Flickr Group, or the Flickrazzi as we’re known, mainly by us, wandered around the snickets and ginnels of Calverley at the weekend photographing the familiar and unfamiliar. Showing off on behalf of a village is a … Continue reading

Getting on with what Ron started…

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Last week Bramleydom and Exposure Leeds kicked off the Looking Good, Bramley project with a photowalk for locals and Exposure Leeds members. One of the absolute highlights was the invitation and warm welcomes in Hayleys Field Allotments – especially by … Continue reading

Wish you were here!

It was definitely a case of quality, not quantity as a small, but perfectly formed gaggle of photographers turned up for our Workshop at the Shop. The idea was for people to borrow one of the little digital cameras, kindly … Continue reading

Hunting the Armley treasure

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Look up, look down, look around you anywhere on Town Street and see if you can spot where these photos were taken. They are part of Exposure Leeds’ treasure hunt from the I Love West Leeds Arts Festival Shop tomorrow … Continue reading

On becoming a photo documentary

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I’ve been quite random in the way I’ve chosen shopkeepers. My approach has been to wander up and down Town Street, stare through windows to and try spot a friendly face, then go in and ask, bold as brass, if … Continue reading

The stallholders are looking good!

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When I set out to deliver community project I knew it would be a challenge. Despite living in the area and having an interest in this type of collaborative approach I had limited advance contact with local residents ‘the other … Continue reading

Trying times for some shopkeepers

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One day last week, Margaret took just £2.60 at her Baby’s Needs shop in Town Street, then the windowcleaner came and she had to pay him £2.80. After six years in Armley, Margaret isn’t renewing her lease when it expires … Continue reading

Hi Armley – who’s looking good?

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Well, this is our first post on this website – launched alongside a project to take and highlight positive imagery of different areas of Leeds. By it’s very name, we think you’ve guessed this site is focused on Armley and … Continue reading